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About  @britodiego

Over 15 years of design, art and marketing

Diego Brito is a Salvadoran strategic designer known for his innovative work in art and design, particularly un the airline and loyalty industries. He specializes in creating complex design systems that drive successful marketing strategies and global campaigns, focusing on the Colombia and Central American markets.


With a background in Visual Communication Design from Kent State University, where he studied under a Fulbright Scholarship, Diego has also taught design at institutions like Escuela de Comunicación Mónica Herrera and Universidad José Simeón Cañas UCA.


His expertise extends to customer experience design, e-commerce, advertising, and strategic graphic design, with a portfolio that includes consumer products and work for private, non-profit, and government organizations. Diego's multidisciplinary approach and experience in branding and loyalty programs make him a respected figure in the art and design community.

His unique artistic concept, the "LoveYourself Tree," has garnered attention worldwide. Through this series, he explores themes of self-love, growth, and interconnectedness, using vibrant colors and intricate patterns to create visually striking compositions. With over 200 works completed and exhibited internationally, Diego's art has touched audiences in various countries, offering a compelling blend of beauty and introspection. His exhibitions have not only showcased his artistic talent but have also contributed to a broader conversation about self-care and personal growth. This artistic endeavor complements his work as a strategic designer, demonstrating his versatility and commitment to both commercial design and expressive art.

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